You can create a network pool that is backed by cloud isolated networks. A cloud isolated network spans hosts, provides traffic isolation from other networks, and is the best source for vApp networks.

An isolation-backed network pool does not require preexisting port groups in vSphere.

Verify that a vSphere distributed switch is available.


Click the Manage & Monitor tab and click Network Pools in the left pane.


Click Add Network Pool.


Select VCD Network Isolation-backed and click Next.


Type the number of networks to create from the network pool.


(Optional) Type a VLAN ID.


Select a vCenter Server and a vSphere distributed switch and click Next.


Type a name and optional description for the network and click Next.


Review the network pool settings and click Finish.

vCloud Director creates cloud isolated networks in vSphere as they are needed.

You can now create an organization virtual datacenter network that is backed by the network pool or associate the network pool with an organization virtual datacenter and create vApp networks. You can also increase the network pool MTU. See Set the MTU for a Network Pool Backed by Cloud Isolated Networks.