You can specify the maximum transmission units (MTU) that vCloud Director uses for a network pool that is backed by Cloud isolated networks. The MTU is the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted in one packet before it is divided into smaller packets.

When you configure the virtual machine guest operating system and the underlying physical infrastructure with the standard MTU (1500 bytes), the VMware network isolation protocol fragments frames. To avoid frame fragmentation, increase the MTU to at least 1600 bytes for the network pool and the underlying physical network. You can increase the network pool MTU up to, but not greater than, the MTU of the physical network.

If your physical network has an MTU of less than 1500 bytes, decrease the MTU of the network pool to match the underlying physical network.

Verify that you have a network pool backed by cloud isolated networks. Before you increase the MTU for a network pool, you must ensure that the physical switch infrastructure supports an MTU of greater than 1500, also known as jumbo frames.


Click the Manage & Monitor tab and click Network Pools in the left pane.


Right-click the network pool name and select Properties.


On the Network Pool MTU tab, type the MTU and click OK.

vCloud Director modifies the MTU for the network pool and all other network pools that use the same vSphere distributed switch.