The first time you log in to the vCloud Director Web console, the Home tab guides you through the steps to configure your installation.

VMware vCloud Director is a software product that provides the ability to build secure, multi-tenant clouds by pooling virtual infrastructure resources into virtual datacenters and exposing them to users through Web-based portals and programmatic interfaces as a fully-automated, catalog-based service.

You can access the vCloud Director user interface by using a Web browser.

The Home tab provides links to common tasks and support resources.

The Home tab in the vCloud Director Web console provides links to the tasks required to prepare the system for use. Links become active after you complete prerequisite tasks.

If any members of your vCloud Director server group are using self-signed SSL certificates, you can upgrade them to signed SSL certificates to obtain a higher level of trust within your cloud.

You can set certain display and system alert preferences that take effect every time you log in to the system. You can also change the password for your system administrator account.