You manage cloud cells mostly from the vCloud Director server host on which the cell resides, but you can delete a cloud cell from the vCloud Director Web console.

Cloud Cell Commands lists the basic commands for controlling a cloud cell.

Cloud Cell Commands



service vmware-vcd start

Starts the cell

service vmware-vcd restart

Restarts the cell

service vmware-vcd stop

Stops the cell

When you stop a cell, you may want to display a maintenance message to users that attempt to access that cell using a browser or the vCloud API. See Turn On Cloud Cell Maintenance Message.

To add cloud cells to a vCloud Director installation, install the vCloud Director software on additional Cloud Director server hosts in the same vCloud Director cluster.

If you want to remove a cloud cell from your vCloud Director installation, in order to reinstall the software, or for some other reason, you can delete the cell.

If you want to stop a cell and let users know that you are performing maintenance, you can turn on the maintenance message.

When you finish performing maintenance on a cell and are ready to restart the cell, you can turn off the maintenance message.