You can disconnect a virtual machine NIC, change the network to which a NIC connects, specify a primary NIC, and change the IP addressing mode for a NIC.

The virtual machine is powered off.


Click My Cloud.


In the left pane, click VMs.


Select a virtual machine, right-click, and select Properties.


In the NICs section on the Hardware tab, specify the network settings for each NIC.




Deselect the check box to disconnect a NIC.


Select a network from the drop-down menu.

Primary NIC

Select a primary NIC. The primary NIC setting determines the default and only gateway for the virtual machine.The virtual machine can use any NIC to connect to other machines that are directly connected to the same network as the NIC, but it can only use the primary NIC to connect to machines on networks that require a gateway connection.

IP Mode

Select an IP mode.

Static - IP Pool pulls IP addresses from the network's IP pool.

Static - Manual allows you to specify an IP address.

DHCP pulls IP addresses from a DHCP server.

IP Address

If you selected Static - Manual, type an IP address.


Click OK.