An organization administrator can create a VPN tunnel between two organizations vDC networks in the same organization.

If the tunnel endpoints have a firewall between them, configure the firewall to allow the following IP protocols and UDP ports:

IP Protocol ID 50 (ESP)

IP Protocol ID 51 (AH)

UDP Port 500 (IKE)

UDP Port 4500

Verify that the following items are in place.

At least two routed organization vDC networks with nonoverlapping IP subnets and VPN enabled on both networks.

vShield Manager 5.1.


Click Administration and select the organization vDC.


Click the Org vDC Networks tab, right-click the organization vDC network name, and select Configure Services.


Click the VPN tab and click Add.


Type a name and optional description.


Select a network in this organization from the drop-down menu and select a peer network.


Review the tunnel settings and click OK.

vCloud Director configures both peer network endpoints.