You can add a vApp template as a vApp from your catalog to My Cloud.

You are at least a vApp author.

If the vApp template is based on an OVF file that includes OVF properties for customizing its virtual machines, those properties are passed to the vApp. If any of those properties are user-configurable, you can specify the values.

A vApp template is available in a published or a locally shared catalog.


Click Catalogs.


In the left pane, click on a catalog option.

My Organization's Catalogs

Public Catalogs

You can access vApp templates in your organization's shared catalogs or, if you are an organization administrator, from a public catalog.


On the vApp Templates tab, select a vApp template, right-click, and select Add to My Cloud.


Type a name and optional description for the vApp.


Select a runtime and storage lease and click Next.


Select a virtual datacenter, configure the virtual machines in the vApp, and click Next.


Configure the custom properties, if any, and click Next.


Configure the networking options for the vApp and click Next.


Review the vApp summary information and click Finish.

vCloud Director creates a vApp on the My Cloud > vApps page.