A catalog is a container for vApp templates and media files in an organization. Organization administrators and catalog authors can create catalogs in an organization. Catalog contents can be shared with other users in the organization and can also be published to all organizations in the vCloud Director installation.

There are two types of catalogs in vCloud Director; organization catalogs and public catalogs. Organization catalogs include vApp templates and media files that you can share with other users in the organization. If a system administrator enables catalog publishing for your organization, you can publish an organization catalog to create a public catalog. Organization administrators from any organization in the vCloud Director installation can view the vApp templates and media files in a public catalog and copy those files to a catalog in their organization for use by their members.

There are two ways to add vApp templates to a catalog. You can upload an OVF package directly to a catalog or save a vApp as a vApp template. For more information, see Upload an OVF Package as a vApp Template and Save a vApp as a vApp Template. You can upload media files directly to a catalog. See Upload Media Files.

Members of an organization can access vApp templates and media files that they own or that are shared to them. Organization administrators and system administrators can share a catalog with everyone in an organization, or with specific users and groups in an organization. See Share A Catalog.