Network and database connection details that you supply when you configure the first vCloud Director server are saved in a response file. This file contains sensitive information that you must reuse when you add more servers to a server group. Preserve the file in a secure location, and make it available only when needed.

The response file is created at /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/etc/ on the first server for which you configure network and database connections. When you add more servers to the group, you must use a copy of the response file to supply configuration parameters that all servers share.


Protect the response file.

Save a copy of the file in a secure location. Restrict access to it, and make sure it is backed up to a secure location. When you back up the file, avoid sending cleartext across a public network.


Reuse the response file.

Copy the file to a location accessible to the servers you are ready to configure. The file must be owned by vcloud.vcloud and have read and write permission for the owner, as shown in this example, or the configuration script cannot use it.

% ls -l
-rw------- 1 vcloud vcloud 418 Jun 8 13:42 

After you configure the additional servers, delete the copy of the response file you used to configure them.