A vCloud Director server group consists of one or more vCloud Director servers. These servers share a common database, and are linked to an arbitrary number of vCenter servers and ESX/ESXi hosts. vShield Manager servers provide network services to vCenter and vCloud Director.

A typical installation creates a vCloud Director server group comprising several servers. Each server in the group runs a collection of services called a vCloud Director cell. All members of the group share a single database. Each cell in the group connects to multiple vCenter servers, the ESX/ESXi hosts that they manage, and the vShield Manager servers that have been configured to support the vCenter servers.

vCloud Director Architecture Diagram
The cluster contains four Cloud Director servers, each of which runs a Cloud Director cell. The cluster is connected to vSphere, and to the Cloud Director database.

The vCloud Director installation and configuration process creates the cells, connects them to the shared database, and establishes the first connections to a vCenter server, vShield Manager, and ESX/ESXi hosts. A system administrator can then use the vCloud Director Web console to connect additional vCenter servers, vShield Manager servers, and ESX/ESXi servers to the vCloud Director server group at any time.