VMware vCloud Director 5.1 supports version 5.1 of the vCloud API. You can use a browser or other HTTP client program to send requests and receive responses.

The vCloud Director REST API Reference documentation includes HTML reference material for all XML elements and complex types defined by the vCloud API. It also includes example XML representations. See About the Schema Reference. For information about HTTP client programs to use with vCloud Director, see REST Client Programs.


Configure the vCloud Director REST API base URL.


Log in to the vCloud Director Web Console as a system administrator.


In the vCloud Director Web Console, open System Settings > Public Addresses


Type the URL in the VCD public REST API base URL text box.


(Optional) If you want to use the vSphere Web Client to access vCloud API objects on a vSphere server, verify that the vSphere Web Client URL is enabled for all vCenter servers from which you want to retrieve the vSphere URL of an object.

You can manage this feature on the General tab of the vSphere Properties page of the vCloud Director Web console.

Decide on an HTTP client program to use. See REST Client Programs.