An AdminOrg element includes action links that a system administrator can use to enable, disable, or remove the organization.

Verify that you are logged in to the vCloud API as a system administrator.

Retrieve the XML representation of the organization. See Retrieve a List of Organizations Accessible to You.

To enable an organization, POST a request to its action/enable link.

To disable an organization, POST a request to its action/disable link.

To remove an organization:


POST a request to the action/disable link to disable the organization.

After the organization is disabled, its representation includes a rel="remove" link.


Delete or change ownership of all objects that the organization's users own.


Make a DELETE request to the organization's rel="remove" link.

The server takes the requested action and returns an HTTP status of 204 No Content.

This example enables the organization created in Example: Create an Organization.




204 No Content