Catalogs can contain references to vApp templates and media images. A system administrator or a privileged member of the organization that owns the catalog can create and remove these references.

Although you can retrieve references to vApp templates and media images directly from the vDC to which they were uploaded, it is common practice to place references to such assets in one of an organization’s catalogs. When you place the references in a catalog, the assets are easier to discover, because a catalog can include assets from all vDCs in an organization. You also have more flexible administrative control over them, because you can restrict access to catalogs and the items in them to specific users and groups. Assets such as vApp templates are not enabled for most uses until you include them in a catalog. For example, you cannot instantiate a vApp template that is not included in a catalog. A media image that is not included in a catalog cannot be copied or inserted by anyone but its owner.