You can create a VPN tunnel between two organization vDC networks in the same organization.

Both system administrators and organization administrators can create VPN tunnels.

If a firewall is between the tunnel endpoints, you must configure it to allow the following IP protocols and UDP ports:

IP Protocol ID 50 (ESP)

IP Protocol ID 51 (AH)

UDP Port 500 (IKE)

UDP Port 4500

At least two routed organization vDC networks with non-overlapping IP subnets and VPN enabled on both networks.

vShield Manager 5.1.


Click the Manage & Monitor tab and click Organization vDCs in the left pane.


Double-click the organization vDC name to open the organization vDC.


Click the Org vDC Networks tab, right-click the organization vDC network name, and select Configure Services.


Click the VPN tab and click Add.


Type a name and optional description.


Select a network in this organization from the drop-down menu and select a peer network.


Review the tunnel settings and click OK.

vCloud Director configures both peer network endpoints.