You can add static routes between two vApp networks that are routed to the same organization vDC network. Static routes allow traffic between the networks.

You cannot add static routes between overlapping networks or fenced vApps. After you add a static route to an organization vDC network, configure the network firewall rules to allow traffic on the static route.

Static routes function only when the vApps included in the routes are running. If you perform any of the following operations on a vApp that includes static routes, the static routes no longer function and you must remove them manually.

Change the parent network of a vApp

Delete a vApp

Delete a vApp network

Verify that the networks have the following configurations:

vShield Manager 5.1 is installed.

A routed organization vDC network.

Static routing is enabled on the organization vDC network.

Two vApp networks are routed to the organization vDC network.

The vApp networks are in vApps that were started at least once.


Click the Manage & Monitor tab and click Organization vDCs in the left pane.


Double-click the organization vDC name to open the organization vDC.


Click the Org vDC Networks tab, right-click the organization vDC network name and select Configure Services.


On the Static Routing tab, click Add.


Type a name, network address, and next hop IP.

The network address is for the first vApp network to which to add a static route. The next hop IP is the external IP address of that vApp network's router.


Select Within this network and click OK.


Click OK.


Repeat steps Step 4 through Step 7 to add a route to the second vApp network.

vApp Network 1 and vApp Network 2 are both routed to Org vDC Network Shared. You can create static routes on the organization vDC network to allow traffic between the vApp networks. You can use information about the vApp networks to create the static routes.

Network Information

Network Name

Network Specification

Router External IP Address

vApp Network 1

vApp Network 2

Org vDC Network Shared


On Org vDC Network Shared, create a static route to vApp Network 1 and another static route to vApp Network 2.

Static Routing Settings

Static Route to Network

Route Name


Next Hop IP Address


vApp Network 1


Within this network

vApp Network 2


Within this network

Create firewall rules to allow traffic on the static routes. See Add a Firewall Rule for an Organization vDC Network.