To remove an independent disk, verify that no powered-on virtual machine is attached to it, then use a DELETE request to delete it.

A Disk element includes a link of the following form, which you can GET to return a list of virtual machines to which the disk is attached.

   href="" />

You can use the vmDiskRelation query to return a list of virtual machines that you own, Disk objects that are connected to them, and the VDC that contains them.


An independent disk can be attached to at most one virtual machine.

Verify that you are logged in to the vCloud API endpoint as an Account Administrator.


Verify that the independent disk is not connected to any virtual machine.


Delete the independent disk.

Make a DELETE request to the URL in the rel="remove" link in the Disk.

The server starts a task to manage the events that lead up to the removal of the object, and returns a Task element that you can use to track the progress of the task.




202 Accepted
   operation="Deleting Disk (128)" 
   ... >