vCloud Air includes predefined roles. Each of these roles includes a set of default rights.

For information about the rights available for each predefined role invCloud Air, see User Privileges by Role.

The following roles have access to the vCloud Air Platform API:

Virtual infrastructure administrator – allows management of virtual data centers, virtual machines, and backup settings

Read-Only administrator – read access to all administration objects

End User role – read write access

These vCloud Air roles map the following roles in vCloud API as follows:

vCloud Air Roles Mapped to vCloud API Roles

vCloud Air

vCloud APIDedicated Cloud

vCloud APIVirtual Private Cloud

Virtual Infrastructure Administrator

Dedicated VPC Administrator

VPC Administrator

Read-Only Administrator

Read-Only VPC Administrator

Read-Only VPC Administrator

End User

VPC User

VPC User

Each of the vCloud API roles—Dedicated VPC Administrator, Read-Only VPC Administrator, and VPC User—provide access to vCloud functionality. See the following VMware Knowledgebase article for the access list for each of the vCloud API roles:

Understanding user roles within VMware vCloud Air (2053484)