vCloud Air clients and servers communicate over HTTPS, exchanging XML representations of vCloud API objects. This simplified example of a RESTful workflow includes logging in to vCloud Air, requesting service details from vCloud, and creating a vCloud session to obtain the list of virtual data centers for that compute service.

These examples assume that you have you have subscribed to vCloud Air, have created a user account, and have at least one virtual data center in the Compute Service.


vCloud Air requires login requests to be authenticated. Begin the workflow with an authentication request to vCloud Air.


When you log in to vCloud Air, you retrieve the Services element, which contains elements for each Compute Service your company has purchased for vCloud Air. Each Service element in the list contains a reference to the service.


To log out and end a vCloud Air session, delete the session you created when you logged in. The logout request, like all other authenticated requests, must include the Authorization header.