The vCloud Air Platform APIs define a set of objects common to cloud computing environments. An understanding of these objects is essential to using the APIs.

The following conventions apply to the objects you access through the APIs:

List types follow these conventions; for example, an object named Obj :

Uses ObjListType as the XSD type definition.

Contains objlist in the media type.

Has Objs as the element name.

Top level elements of objects in responses extend from EntityType.

The short versions of objects typically are included in other object responses extended from ReferenceType.

The following table describes all the object types in the vCloud Air Platform APIs.

Object Type Descriptions

Object Type


Class Value


Provides a return type from a login. Contains a link to retrieve the list of compute services.



Contains a list of services purchased by the requesting customer account. Entries in the list are ServiceType.



Represents a reference to service meta data for vCloud Air. Currently, the ServiceType object type includes Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud meta data. ServiceType is a lightweight object, which contains the name, an href to Compute, the type of service (compute:dedicatedcloud or compute:vpc), the serviceId (assigned by VMware when your vCloud Air account is provisioned) and the geographical region of the service (for example, "US - Santa Clara ").



Represents a reference to a Compute service. Contains a list of virtual data centers contained in the Compute service. The Compute service for a Dedicated Cloud contains zero or more virtual data centers. The Compute service for Virtual Private Cloud always contains one virtual data center.



Represents a reference to a virtual data center representation on vCloud Air. Contains a link to retrieve a vCloud session for each virtual data center.



Represents a reference to a virtual data center on the vCloud instance. The reference includes the full URL to the vCloud instance and an authorization token corresponding to the requesting customer account. The authorization token must be used to access objects within the scope of the virtual data center and the Organization on the vCloud instance.