Programmatic access to the subscription services of vCloud Air consists of consuming the vCloud Air Platform APIs and Compute Service accessed through the vCloud API. The combination of these two APIs provides a single, logical API endpoint for automation of cloud interactions.

The vCloud Air includes calls to log in and get the details of available virtual data centers. The responses to these calls include vCloud endpoints and the vCloud session token. With those credentials, customers can call the vCloud API without needing to provide the credentials again. Customers can automate their workflows without having to store their credentials on disk or in memory.

The obtained vCloud endpoints and session token allow customers to access the vCloud API across all functional boundaries of the subscribed services in vCloud Air. Subscribed services include compute resources, such as Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud. The API calls return links to virtual data center objects, which customers can use for virtual machine lifecycle operations and network service operations.