vCloud Connector enables you to connect your on-premise environment with vCloud Air and migrate virtual machines, vApps, and templates between them. It provides a single user interface for viewing and managing your on-premise vSphere instances as well as your vCloud Air virtual data centers.

Using vCloud Connector, you can:

View and manage your inventory of virtual machines, vApps, and templates

Deploy new virtual machines from templates

Copy virtual machines, vApps, and templates between your on-premise environment and vCloud Air (network copy)

Transfer large amounts of data from your on-premise environment to vCloud Air using the Offline Data Transfer Service (via a physical storage device)

Set up a Content Library to distribute and synchronize templates across clouds

Extend your on-premise network to vCloud Air using Data Center Extension

vCloud Connector consists of three distinct components:

A vCloud Connector server

The vCloud Connector server is a virtual appliance that manages the vCloud Connector nodes and user interface. Install a vCloud Connector server in a vSphere instance on premise. You only need one server. You do not need to install a vCloud Connector server in vCloud Air.

vCloud Connector nodes

vCloud Connector nodes are virtual appliances that handle the transfer of data. You must install a vCloud Connector node in every on-premise vSphere instance that you want to use with vCloud Connector. You do not need to install a node in vCloud Air. VMware installs a node by default and provides you the information required to use it.

This guide refers to three types of vCloud Connector nodes:

vCloud Connector node: Refers to the on-premise nodes that you install in your vSphere instances.

vCloud Air vCC node: Refers to the node installed by VMware by default in your vCloud Air cloud instance. You receive the node URL from VMware and register the node with your on-premise vCloud Connector server.

Offline Data Transfer node (ODT node): Refers to the Offline Data Transfer node that is installed by VMware in vCloud Air to enable Offline Data Transfer. This is different from the vCloud Air vCC node. An ODT node will be installed only if you initiate an Offline Data Transfer request. See the Offline Data Transfer documentation for more information.

vCloud Connector user interface

The vCloud Connector user interface appears as a plug-in in vSphere Client. The vCloud Connector icon appears in the vSphere Client Home page, under Solutions and Applications.


The vCloud Connector user interface cannot be used with the vSphere Web Client.

Connecting On-Premise Environment with vCloud Air
vCloud Connector