If the vCloud Connector server needs to go through a proxy server to access vCloud Air, or any of the vCloud Connector nodes or the vSphere instances they manage, specify proxy settings for the server. Also complete other configuration tasks that might apply to your specific installation.


(Optional) To specify proxy server settings for the vCloud Connector server, do the following.


In the vCloud Connector server Admin Web console at https://vCCServerIPaddress:5480, click the Network tab, then click the Proxy tab.


Select Use a proxy server and enter the proxy server information.


The user name can only contain lower-case, alpha-numeric characters and cannot exceed 50 characters. Do not use email addresses or domain names (for example, user@company.com or xyz\user) or names that contain a period as special characters are not supported for this field.


Click Save Changes.


(Optional) Configure other server settings by clicking on the remaining tabs in the Admin Web console. You can configure the following settings.

Time zone

Network settings

Server administrator password

Server log level


For information about these settings, see Installing and Configuring vCloud Connector.