After you install vCloud Connector, you can access its user interface and add clouds to it. All vSphere or vCloud Air cloud instances whose nodes you registered with the vCloud Connector server are available in the cloud list.

When you add a cloud, you enter a user name and password for the cloud. Note that the privileges and rights that are associated with the type of account that you use to add the cloud determine the operations you can perform with vCloud Connector. For access to complete functionality, use an administrator account or an equivalent role to add vSphere instances. Use an Account Administrator user role to add vCloud Air cloud instances.


Log in to the vSphere Client to which you registered the vCloud Connector user interface.


Go to the Home page of the vSphere Client.


Under Solutions and Applications, click the vCloud Connector icon.


In the Browser panel on the left, click Clouds.


Select the cloud to add from the Name drop-down menu.


For vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud instances, each virtual data center that you registered with the vCloud Connector server appears as a separate cloud. Add all the virtual data centers to the user interface.


Type the user name and password for an administrator account for the cloud.


Click Add.

The cloud appears in the Clouds tree in the Browser panel. Click on the cloud to view its inventory of templates, vApps, and virtual machines.