For any action that you perform in vCloud Connector, you can monitor the status of the task. Task information is available in the user interface for 48 hours.

When you initiate an action, such as copying a virtual machine, a task is created and displayed in the Tasks pane at the right. You can view the progress of the task. While a task is in progress, a progress bar appears. When a task is completed successfully, a green check mark appears next to it. If a task fails, a red cross appears next to it.

For copy tasks, you can also view detailed, up-to-date data transfer status. Place your cursor over the task in the right pane to view this information in a pop-up window. See Monitor Copy Tasks for more information.

You can also view detailed information for all tasks, such as the amount of time it took to complete the task, the name of the user who initiated the task, and errors or reasons for failure. See Get Detailed Information About Tasks.


If the Tasks panel on the right of the screen is minimized, click the pin icon to display it fully.


Select the tab for the type of status you want to see: All, Running, or Failed tasks.


To view detailed information about a specific task, click on the task.

The center panel changes to a Tasks panel and displays details about the task.

See also Get Detailed Information About Tasks.