If you plan to copy large virtual machines, vApps, or templates, configure your source or destination environments with the settings listed here.

Note that copying large workloads with vCloud Connector can take several hours, depending on the size of the object you are copying and on network conditions.

If you are copying to a vCloud Director cloud, increase the transfer session timeout in vCloud Director to avoid a timeout error during upload.


Log in to the vCloud Director instance as a system administrator.


Click the System tab, then the Administration tab.


In the Administration pane, click General.


Under Timeouts, increase the value of Transfer session timeout.

If you are copying to or from a vCloud Director cloud, increase the transfer server storage, also known as the transfer spooling area, in vCloud Director. See the vCloud Director documentation for more information.

While vCloud Connector copy, which is a streaming operation, does not write files to the staging area of the source or destination nodes during copy, in some cases staging area storage is required. For example, if export from the cloud to the source node is faster than the transfer from the source node to the destination node, data is buffered in the staging area.

Increasing the staging area storage in the source and destination nodes to the size of the object you are copying is recommended. See Configure vCloud Connector Node Storage for information.