Before you install vCloud Connector, decide the following.

Where you want to install the vCloud Connector server

You can install the server in vSphere or vCloud Director.

Which clouds you want to be able to add to the vCloud Connector user interface. You must install a vCloud Connector node in each cloud that you want to add.

To add vCloud Director clouds, you can either install a node in your organization or use the node that the cloud administrator or service provider may have installed as a multitenant node.


For information on deploying a multitenant node as a service provider or cloud administrator, see Deploying Multitenant Nodes as a vCloud Service Provider.

To add a vCloud Air cloud instance, you do not need to install a node in vCloud Air. You use the node that is installed by default by VMware.

Which vSphere Client you want to use for the vCloud Connector user interface

You also need to collect specific information to use during the installation and configuration process. What you need to know depends on your specific installation decisions. See Collect Necessary Information.