The following vCloud Connector components are used for Offline Data Transfer.

vCloud Connector server

You install a vCloud Connector server in your private data center, that is, in an on-premise vSphere or vCloud Director instance. You only need one vCloud Connector server.

vCloud Connector nodes

You install one or more vCloud Connector nodes on premise. Install a node for each vSphere or vCloud Director instance from which you want to export data.

Offline Data Transfer Node (ODT node)

VMware installs an Offline Data Transfer node in vCloud Air and sends you the node URL. You register this node with your on-premise vCloud Connector server. This node is only used for Offline Data Transfer.


The vCloud Connector multi-tenant node installed by VMware on vCloud Air is not required for Offline Data Transfer. The mult-tenant node is used only if you want to view and manage your vCloud Air virtual data center in vCloud Connector.