The vCloud Connector Offline Data Transfer feature enables you to migrate large numbers of virtual machines, vApps, and templates securely from your private data center to vCloud Air. You can transfer data from a vSphere or vCloud Director-based data center.

From vCloud Connector, you export your data to an external storage device provided by a vCloud Air operator and ship it back to the operator. The operator imports the data into vCloud Air. vCloud Connector encrypts the data before writing it to the device, ensuring a secure transfer.

During export, you can select the networks for your virtual machines and vApps in vCloud Air from a list of available networks. As all virtual machines and vApps are first copied to vCloud Director-based clouds as vApp templates, you can choose whether to deploy virtual machines and vApps from the templates and whether to retain the templates in the destination catalog after they are deployed. You can also specify whether to power on the virtual machines and vApps after they are deployed. You can set these options individually or apply them to all items being exported.

The vCloud Air operator also uses vCloud Connector to import the data to a vCenter Server datastore in vCloud Air. vCloud Connector uploads the data, decrypts it, and moves it into your vCloud Air datacenter. vCloud Connector then applies the network, power, and deployment settings that you specified during export.

This data transfer process is enabled through the common use of an Offline Data Transfer (ODT) node that is deployed in vCloud Air and used both by you during export and the vCloud Air operator during import. The vCloud Air operator deploys the ODT node and sends you the node URL. Both you and the vCloud Air operator register the ODT node with your own vCloud Connector servers using your own organizations and credentials.

Your vCloud Connector instance accesses the ODT node during export and stores encrypted information on it that will be used during import.