VMware provides a subscription-based service for Virtual Private Cloud in the German and Australian locations.

When you purchase a Virtual Private Cloud service in the German or Australian location, you deploy virtual machines to that location. Each location contains a separate resource pool; meaning you cannot treat two geographic locations as one logical pool of resources. Purchasing a service in a specific location enables you to run workloads closer to your business-specific customers or comply with various regulations and other legal requirements.

In Germany and Australia, you can purchase only one Virtual Private Cloud per location. However, you can purchase add-on compute capacity by logging into your My VMware account. Go to My VMware > Accounts > Services > Subscription Services. See the My VMware Help for information.

Resource management for your Virtual Private Cloud service in Germany and Australia have the following functional behavior and limitations.

Virtual Machine Deployment and Capacity

VMware does not pre-allocate capacity to your Virtual Private Cloud service in Germany or Australia. Meaning, you can create virtual machines configured to consume compute resources above your subscribed capacity. The vCloud Air Web UI does not limit the number of virtual machines you can add to your Virtual Private Cloud. However, you can power on only virtual machines that run within your subscribed compute capacity.

For example, if you purchased the standard compute capacity SKU (10GHz vCPU, 20GB vRAM, and 2TB storage), you can add virtual machines that would consume more than this capacity; however, you can only power on and run simultaneously virtual machines that consume up to 10GHz vCPU, 20GB vRAM, and 2TB storage.


The vCloud Air Web UI in Germany and Australia include a Resource Usage Tab for your virtual machines. You can use this tab to obtain monitoring information about the compute resources consumed by your virtual machines; references to estimated costs are not applicable because your charges are based on your subscription contract.

Virtual Data Center

The Virtual Private Cloud service provides a multi-tenant virtual private cloud with logically isolated resources on a shared physical infrastructure, configured as a single virtual data center with networking resources. You cannot add virtual data centers to your Virtual Private Cloud service.


The vCloud Air Web UI does not disable the add (+) icon for virtual data centers; however, if you click the icon, a message appears informing you that you cannot add additional virtual data centers.

Virtual Data Center View

In the German and Australian locations, the following VMware products and add-ons are available for use with your Virtual Private Cloud service:

vCloud Connector

For information about using vCloud Connector with vCloud Air, see About vCloud Connector for vCloud Air.

vRealize Automation

For information, see the vRealize Automation documentation.

Offline Data Transfer Service (Add-on Service)

For information about using Offline Data Transfer Service with vCloud Air, see Offline Data Transfer to VMware vCloud Air.