When you purchase a subscription for Virtual Private Cloud in the German or Australian location, you manage and consume hybrid cloud resources through a Web UI and public APIs.

After purchasing a Virtual Private Cloud service in Germany or Australia, you will receive an email (at the email address you provided) from VMware with further instructions. The email provides a link and temporary password for your account.

For subsequent logins, go to https://vca.vmware.com and log in using your user name and password.

After logging in, you land on a Home page. Here you find the tile for your Virtual Private Cloud subscription.

Click the tile for Virtual Private Cloud Subscription to manage your cloud resources in the Germany or Australia location:

Home Page Icons in Germany and Australian Locations

The Virtual Machines tab appears. The vCloud Air user interface is designed based on simplicity (especially for virtual machine creation) and to provide visibility into resource usage.

Depending on the services you have purchased from VMware, your Home page might contain additional tiles.

vCloud Air Service Tiles on the Home Page



My Subscriptions

If you purchased a Dedicated Cloud service in Germany or Australia, your Home page contains a My Subscriptions tile for access to those resources.

For information about managing your Dedicated Cloud, see the vCloud Air User's Guide.

Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand

The Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand tile is always available on your Home page when you have a vCloud Air account, even when you have not accessed this service.

You can consume Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand compute resources in addition to using your Virtual Private Cloud subscription service. See the vCloud Air – Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Getting Started for information or contact your VMware Sales representative.