You can view information and edit details about virtual machines in vCloud Air.


For information about configuring networking for virtual machines, see the vCloud Air Networking Guide.

Verify that you have end user or virtual infrastructure administrator privileges.

Viewing and editing privileges differ by user role.

If you are installing VMware Tools, familiarize yourself with its features. For information about VMware Tools, see the following VMware documentation:

Installing VMware Tools in vCloud DirectorUser's Guide

Installing and Configuring VMware Tools, the VMware Tools Installation and Configuration Guide


Navigate to the virtual machine list.



My Virtual Machines (end users)

Sign in to your cloud service.

All virtual machines in a Dedicated Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud service (administrators)

Sign in and click the Virtual Machines tab.

Virtual machines in a virtual data center (administrator)

On the Dashboard tab, click the virtual data center and click the Virtual Machines tab.


In the list, review summary details about the virtual machine.


(Optional) To search for virtual machines click in the search field and type the text to be searched for.


Access further details of the virtual machine by clicking the virtual machine's name.


View or edit details of settings or networks.

To edit details, point at an option and change the setting in the dialog box that appears. You cannot change some details unless the virtual machine is powered off.



Click Settings

View or change power status, amount of CPU, memory, and hard drive capacity allocated.

For information about adjusting storage for a virtual machine or migrating storage to a different tier, see the following topics:

Adjust Storage for a Virtual Machine

Migrate Storage for a Virtual Machine to a Different Tier

Click Networks

View network IP, type, gateway, and gateway IP.

You might need to refresh the page view to see changes.


To change the virtual machine's name and description, click Edit Name & Description.




Type a new name for the virtual machine.


Type a description for the virtual machine.


(Optional) If you are planning to launch the console review these details.



Guest OS Customization

The guest operating system customization status is listed as enabled or disabled.

Guest OS Password

The Guest OS Password, unique to the virtual machine, is displayed on the right side of the page. For security reasons, VMware recommends that you change this password after first use, keeping a record of your new password.

VMware Tools

The installation status of VMware Tools is noted in the Settings tab.


(Optional) Install VMware Tools.


Review whether VMware Tools in the Settings tab.


Click on Not installed to access the install wizard.


Follow the install wizard steps to complete the installation.

To connect the virtual machine to a network, see Connect a Virtual Machine to a Network in the vCloud Air Networking Guide.

To launch the virtual machine console, see Access a Virtual Machine Console.

To edit virtual machine settings in vCloud Director, see Edit Virtual Machine Details in vCloud Director.