You can move a virtual machine disk for an existing virtual machine between the storage tiers available in vCloud Air.

When moving a virtual machine disk to another storage tier, consider how the virtual machine will be used; for example the storage tiers in vCloud Air support different workload tiers. See Overview of Storage Tiers for information.

You do not have to power off a virtual machine to adjust its storage allocation.


During storage tier migration, virtual machine performance can decrease. Virtual machines can be powered on or off during migration; however, if the virtual machine is not required to be powered on during migration, VMware recommends you power it off, migrate the disk, and power on the virtual machine after the migration finishes.

Verify that you have end user or virtual infrastructure administrator privileges.


In My Virtual Machines, click the virtual machine name for which you want to move disks.

The Setting tab for the virtual machine appears.


If you are an administrator, you can adjust storage for a virtual machine from the Virtual Machines tab in the region or in the virtual data center.


Select the Disks row and right-click.

The Adjust dialog box appears.


Click Storage Tiers.

The Adjust Storage Tier dialog box appears.


For the disk you want to modify, select the storage tier from the drop-down list.


Click Adjust Storage Tier.

The Settings tab for the virtual machine refreshes with the updated storage allocation per tier.