If you mistakenly deleted a vApp by using vCloud Director, you can use the out-of-place restore option to restore that vApp when the vApp is protected by the Data Protection Service.

To restore a deleted vApp, the vApp must be protected by the Data Protection Service. See About Data Protection Policies.

For information about deleting vApps, see Delete a vApp in vCloud Director User's Guide.


In vCloud Air, vApps and the virtual machines they contain typically have a one-to-one correspondence.

Verify that you have a subscription to the Data Protection Service.

You must have virtual administrator privileges in vCloud Air to restore deleted vApps.


On the Data Protection tab, click Deleted vAPPs.

A list of your deleted vApps appears that shows the virtual data center from which they were deleted and their available restore points.


Click the link in the Available Restore Points column for the vApp that you want to restore.

The restore points dialog box appears.


Select the restore point to use.


In the Out-of-Place Restore dialog box, complete the following settings:


Select the virtual data center for the vApp from the drop-down list.


Enter a name for the new vApp.


From the Restore field, select one of the following options:

Entire vApp

Select specific Virtual Machines to restore and select the check boxes of the virtual machines to restore.


Click Restore.