You can review and modify the name, description, and other general properties of a virtual machine.

Verify that you have end user or virtual infrastructure administrator privileges.

If you are installing VMware Tools, familiarize yourself with its features. See the following topics:

Installing VMware Tools in vCloud DirectorUser's Guide

Installing and Configuring VMware Tools, the VMware Tools Installation and Configuration Guide


In My Virtual Machines, select the virtual machine.


Verify that the virtual machine is powered on.


On the right side of the virtual machine details page, click Manage Advanced Virtual Machine Settings to access the vCloud Director portal.

You are taken directly to the vApp Quick Access page for your virtual machine in vCloud Director. The virtual machine name and vApp name are displayed.


Click Open in the virtual machine name and vApp name area.

The diagram, virtual machines, and networking tabs appear.


Click the Virtual Machines tab.


Right-click the virtual machine to access details and properties.

Some of these task options are the same tasks you can perform in the vCloud Air console. The references listed here are for when you are using the vCloud Director portal.


See this topic...

Popout Console

Open a Virtual Machine Console


Suspend a Virtual Machine

Power Off

Power Off a Virtual Machine

Power On

Power On a Virtual Machine


Reset a vApp or Virtual Machine

Insert CD/DVD from Catalog

Insert a CD/DVD

Eject CD/DVD

Eject a CD/DVD

Insert Floppy from Catalog

Insert a Floppy

Eject Floppy

Eject a Floppy

Install VMware Tools

Installing VMware Tools

Create Snapshot

Create a Snapshot of a Virtual Machine


Editing Virtual Machine Properties

In vCloud Director, review other details about the virtual machine. See Working with Virtual Machines in the vCloud Director User's Guide.