vCloud Air includes a catalog that is populated with CentOS, Linux, and Windows templates that you can use to create virtual machines. Your organization also has its own catalog, My Catalog, that can contain your own customized templates.

In vCloud Air, end users select from catalogs to add new virtual machines. See Add a Virtual Machine from a Template.

In vCloud Director, your administrator users can use existing vApp and virtual machine templates, and media files, to create their own vApps and virtual machines to supply what the end user sees as My Catalog.

Administrators can perform the following catalog content tasks in vCloud Director.

Create and share a catalog. See Add a New Catalog and Working with Catalogs.

Upload media files to a catalog. See Upload Media Files.

Create a new vApp. See Create a New vApp.

Create a vApp From an OVF Package. See Upload an OVF package as a vApp template.