In vCloud Air, you can access storage utilization and reporting information for your Data Protection Service in the following ways:

To view storage utilization information, view the Storage Used tab.

To view activity information, view the Activity Logs.

Customers can buy fixed amount of backup storage in the vCloud Air cloud. You can purchase additional storage at any time by logging into your subscription services in My VMware.

Analyzing the 30 day Consumption Trend graph for the storage consumed is useful in determining whether to purchase additional storage.

The Storage Used tab shows information about current backup storage utilization, 30-day consumption trends, the top 10 vApps based on storage consumed, and the top 10 virtual data centers based on storage consumed.


You can also view storage utilization information from the VDCs protected, vAPPs protected, and Deleted vAPPs tabs by checking the Storage Consumed column of each table, respectively.

From the Storage Used tab, you can view how much storage is consumed by protecting you virtual machines. The tab displays storage consumption in the following format—the storage used of the storage purchased; as shown in the following example:

510 MB of 100 GB — shows the storage consumed (510 MB) for the amount of storage purchased (100 GB)

VMware calculates how storage is used by the Data Protection Service in the following way.

After a backup runs, the Data Protection Service scans the backup image and determines the amount of storage consumed. Subsequent scans calculate the difference from the last scan and use that delta to determine the current amount of storage consumed. When the retention period for a restore point expires, the Data Protection Service reduces the calculation accordingly. The first time you back up a vApp determines the full size of the vApp.

All backup and restore operations are logged in the Activity Logs. The following Data Protection Service operations are tracked in the Activity Logs for vCloud Air:

Activity Logs for Data Protection Service Events
Activity Logs for Data Protection Service Events

Each time a user runs a manual backup (also referred to as an ad hoc backup)

When the Data Protection Service runs a scheduled backup automatically

When a user restores a vApp or virtual machine

When an virtual administrator configures a data protection policy for a virtual data center or vApp

When an end user configures a data protection policy for a vApp

When a user deletes a backup image

For information about the Activity Logs in vCloud Air, see About Activity Logs.