You can adjust the amount of storage and for an existing virtual machine.

While adjusting storage for a virtual machine, consider how the virtual machine will be used. For example, desktops or workstation environments, testing environments, or server applications will have differing storage needs. For information about the storage tiers available in vCloud Air, see Overview of Storage Tiers.

You do not have to power off a virtual machine to adjust its storage allocation.

Verify that you have end user or virtual infrastructure administrator privileges.


In My Virtual Machines, click the virtual machine name for which you want to adjust storage.

The Setting tab for the virtual machine appears.


If you are an administrator, you can adjust storage for a virtual machine from the Virtual Machines tab in the region or in the virtual data center.


Select the Disks row and right-click.

The Adjust dialog box appears.


Click Storage Allocation.

The Adjust Storage Allocation dialog box appears.


For the disk you want to modify, enter a new allocation value.


You cannot change the storage tier for an existing disk when adjusting storage. To change the storage tier for a disk, see Migrate Storage for a Virtual Machine to a Different Tier.


(Optional) Click Add a Disk and specify its storage tier and size.


The vCloud Air console supports adding up to 8 disks (VMDKs) per virtual machine. If a virtual machine requires more than 8 disks, add disks by using vCloud Director. See Add a Virtual Machine Hard Disk in the vCloud Director User's Guide.


To delete a disk from the virtual machine, click the delete icon (Delete Disk Icon) to the right of the hard disk you want to delete.


The vCloud Air console supports deleting only the last disk for a virtual machine. You can use vCloud Director to delete an intermediate disk for a virtual machine; however, after deleting the disk in vCloud Director, you cannot manage the disks in the vCloud Air console.

For information about deleting disks by using vCloud Director, see Delete a Virtual Machine Hard Disk in the vCloud Director User's Guide.


Click Adjust Storage Allocation.