VMware® vCloud® Air (formerly known as VMware vCloud Hybrid Service) is a secure, dedicated hybrid cloud service operated by VMware, giving your IT organization a common platform to seamlessly extend your data center to the cloud.

With vCloud Air, you can quickly and securely deploy, provision, and manage virtual machines in a software-defined data center.

vCloud Air features include core services, the ability to deploy virtual machines, integration from your environment to the public cloud, data protection, and migration.


For information about configuring networking and gateways for vCloud Air, see the vCloud Air Networking Guide.

Customers consume vCloud Air like any software-defined data center. Because vCloud Air is built on the vSphere and vCloud platforms, customers consume it the same way that they consume their existing on-premises vSphere environments.

Using vCloud Air, your data center extends to the public cloud in the following ways:

New and existing applications are deployable in vCloud Air

You have seamless networking from your customer premises to vCloud Air

You have a common management platform from your customer premises to vCloud Air

You can make one support call to manage your VMware applications on your customer premises and in vCloud Air

This information is intended for customers who want to manage or use vCloud Air. The information is written for administrators and end users.

See the following related documentation as part of understanding using vCloud Air:

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vCloud Air Key Concepts

A glossary of terms as used in the vCloud Air and an overview of user roles for vCloud Air

vCloud Air Networking Guide

Configuring networking and gateways for vCloud Air, including how to add gateways to virtual data centers, add networks to gateways, and set up network security by using the gateway's networking services

vCloud Air – Disaster Recovery User's Guide

The tasks for disaster recovery administrators who are responsible for configuring and managing disaster recovery from their source sites to vCloud Air. This guide documents the capabilities and tasks that you do in vCloud Air.

vCloud API with vCloud Air Extensions Programmer's Guide

Version 5.6 of thevCloud Air Extensions and how to use them with the vCloud API

vCloud Air Tutorials

Using many of the vCloud Air features along with informational videos

vCloud Director Administrator's Guide

Performing tasks affecting vCloud Air by using vCloud Director

Using the vCloud Air vSphere Client Plug-in

Using the vCloud Air plug-in in the vSphere Web Client; enabling you to manage yourvCloud Air resources from the vSphere Web Client

Using vCloud Connector

Connecting multiple clouds to move cloud content from one cloud to another

Additionally, this guide provides in context cross-references to related information for the topics.