You can add a virtual machine to act as a software computer to run applications in your virtual data center. You can use virtual machines as desktops or workstation environments, as testing environments, or to consolidate server applications.

A template is an image that is loaded with an operating system, applications, and data. VMware catalog templates are templates that VMware has validated and prepared for you to use inside your cloud service. For more information about how to use templates, see the Terms of Service. My Catalog templates are made available from the catalogs accessible to the virtual data center.


For information about configuring networking for virtual machines, see the vCloud Air Networking Guide.

Verify that you have end user or virtual infrastructure administrator privileges.


In My Virtual Machines, click Add Virtual Machine.


Select a virtual data center to contain the virtual machine.

The name of each available virtual data center and its available resources appears.


Select a template on which to base the virtual machine.

Templates are made available from the catalogs accessible to the virtual data center.



VMware Catalog

Click on an available template from the VMware catalog.

My Catalog

Click on an available template from a catalog of templates customized to your instance of the Dedicated Cloud service.


Type a name for the virtual machine.


Review the allocated resources for the virtual machine.


Required Under Allocated Resources, specify the number of virtual CPUs, amout of memory per CPU, and the storage tier and amount storage for the primary hard drive.

For information about the storage tiers available in vCloud Air, see Overview of Storage Tiers.


When adding storage for the virtual machine, consider how the virtual machine will be used. For example, desktops or workstation environments, testing environments, or server applications will have differing storage needs.


To add additional disks for the virtual machine, click Add a Disk.

The dialog box refreshes with a row for the additional disk. Complete the disk settings.


Click Deploy This Virtual Machine.

The virtual machine is created.

Power on the virtual machine. See Power On a Virtual Machine.