The Data Protection Service, an add-on subscription service orderable through My VMware, offers customers the option to protect their virtual machine data. The Data Protection Service has the following key features.

Protects customers' vApps and virtual machines by performing regular backup and restore operations.

Provides a self-service way for customers to configure backup policies to control when scheduled backups occur and how long they are retained.

Provides a self-service way for customers to opt in or out of backups at the virtual data center and individual vApp level.

Provides a self-service way for customers to restore in-place or out-of-place vApps and individual virtual machines.

Allows customers to tailor data protection to suit their needs based on their internal applications and uptime requirements.

Supports backing up virtual machines without the need to suspend them or power them off.

Allows customers to specify when to perform backups and how long to implement the backup policy.

To ensure data security for customers, encrypts all images in the storage space by using fixed keys.

Supports ad-hoc backups.


The Data Protection Service does not support backups of virtual machine snapshots. For information about snapshots, see About Snapshots.