You can view activity logs to see changes such as when virtual data centers, virtual machines, networks, or gateways were added or deleted, or when user information was edited.

Use the activity log to monitor user activities and changes to your cloud environment, across all regions.

Verify that you have administrator privileges. Administrator types include account, virtual infrastructure, network, read-only, and subscription.


On the Dashboard tab, under Related Links, click Activity Log.


View information about user activities.




View the user name (email).

Action type

View the action type, such as create, delete, or edit.

Resource type affected

View the resource type affected, such as whether a user, a network, a virtual machine, or a virtual data center was changed.

Resource name acted upon

View the name of the resource affected, such as the name of the user that was updated.

Start and end time

View the date stamps for the activity shown in the user's local time.

Status of the change

View post-change status, such as Success.

Details of the activity

View details at the lower left of the highlighted activity. Click Previous or Next to navigate up or down the list and change the focus of the log and details shown in the lower left.


To make sure the view of the activity log is current, click the refresh icon above the table.


(Optional) To show more of the list, pull down the lower edge of the panel.