When you enable data protection for a virtual data center, the Data Protection Service creates a default data protection policy. You must manually edit it if you want to customize the settings.

Verify that you have a subscription to the Data Protection Service.

You must have virtual administrator privileges in vCloud Air to edit data protection policies for a virtual data center.


On the Data Protection tab, click VDCs protected.

A list of your virtual data centers appears that shows the status of data protection per virtual data center.


Select the virtual data center for which you want to edit data protection.

The details about data protection for that virtual data center appear.


From the Actions menu, choose Edit Policy.

The Edit Policy dialog box appears.


In the Data Protection Frequency field, enter the number of days that you want the vApp to be protected. Maximum 365 days – no minimum.


In the Backup Window Start field, select a time window from the drop-down list.

The Backup Window Start value configures when the backup process should start. The value indicates the beginning of a 2 hour window during which the backup might run. Running backups by using a window prevents all your backups from running simultaneously and causing excessive system load.


Click Save.

A confirmation message appears indicating that the data protection policy was successfully updated.


You can reset data protection policy after setting it for specific vApps so that all vApps inherit the policy from the virtual data center. From the vAPPs protected tab, click Set Default Policy from the menu.