The Data Protection Service automatically runs backups based on the settings configured for data protection policies. However, at any time, you can choose to manually back up a vApp.

When a vApp gets backed up (either automatically by the system or when you back it up manually), the Data Protection Service retains that backup as a restore point for three weeks. When this retention period expires, the Data Protection Service automatically deletes that restore point.

Verify that you have a subscription to the Data Protection Service.

Verify that you have end user or virtual infrastructure administrator privileges.


Click vAPPs protected.


Select the vApp for which you want to run a manual backup.


Click Run Backup Now from the top menu bar.

The Run Backup dialog box appears confirming that you want to run a backup for the selected vApp.


Click Run Backup Now.

A confirmation message appears indicating that the backup is running.

When the backup finishes successfully, the restore points increment by one.