Storage provisioned for your Dedicated Cloud in vCloud Air provides the following key features.

Migrating virtual machine disks between storage profiles has no impact on virtual machine uptime or availability; for example, when moving a virtual machine disk to another storage profile, the virtual machine can remain powered on and accessible.

You can allocate storage to a virtual machine on a per-disk basis; for example, a virtual machine with two disks could have one disk utilizing SSD-Accelerated storage and the other disk utilizing Basic storage.

You can manage storage performance at the granularity of virtual machine or virtual machine disk.

You can seamlessly change the size of a virtual disk. All storage profiles allow for effortless growth of virtual machine disks without downtime.

Adjusting storage allocation for a virtual machine does not impact existing snapshots for the virtual machine; for example, when expanding disk storage for a virtual machine, you do not need to snapshot the virtual machine before expanding the storage.

Each virtual machine disk can draw resources from a different storage profile.

vCloud Air offers IOPS-based storage performance to address noisy neighbor challenges and ensure homogeneity in QOS across a period of time.

When provisioning an All-SSD storage profile, you can configure IOPS per disk. You can divvy up IOPS among disks as per the storage increment purchased.

Ability to increase IOPS by purchasing add on All-SSD storage, which allows customers to expand their IOPS capacity based on their workload requirements.

A virtual data center can draw storage resources from a single or multiple storage profiles.

Virtual machines draw storage resources from the storage profiles that are available to their virtual data centers.

Storage profiles can be added to virtual data centers by administrators after the virtual data centers are created.

You can change the All-SSD storage allocation to a particular virtual data center and that storage capacity is released back to the cloud's pool of storage where it can be reused/reallocated.

Highly available, durable, and predictable level of tiered storage performance based on IOPS and low latency.

Targeted minimum latency for the All-SSD storage option: 95% of provisioned IOPS at less than 2ms.

99.9% high availability for All-SSD storage volumes. Availability: Continue to operate and provide the same services in the event of failure. 99.9% durable high-performance storage volumes.