The vCloud Air Storage User's Guide provides information about provisioning and managing block storage for virtual data centers and virtual machines.

The guide explains how to use the vCloud Air block storage options to achieve performance goals and achieve cost efficiencies. This guide documents how to manage block storage when VMware has upgraded your vCloud Air environment to using the new Service Realm platform.

If VMware has not upgraded your customer environment and you are managing storage for your Dedicated Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud on the current vCloud Air platform, see Storage in vCloud Air in the vCloud Air User's Guide for Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud.

This guide documents the tasks for users of Dedicated Cloud in the Service Realm platform who are responsible for deploying virtual machines to the public cloud and for administrators who are responsible for managing the Dedicated Cloud environment. This guide documents the capabilities and tasks that you do in Dedicated Cloud.

In addition to this guide, see the following documentation for information about storage for vCloud Air:

vCloud Air User's Guide

vCloud Air Block Storage

Cloud Computing Block Storage

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