You allocate storage while creating a virtual machine or modify the storage after the virtual machine is created.

You can allocate storage to a virtual machine on a per-disk basis; for example, a virtual machine with two disks could have one disk utilizing SSD-Accelerated storage and the other disk utilizing Basic storage.

You have logged into the Organization as a user with privileges to the virtual data center where you want to create the virtual machine.


From the vCloud Air Landing page, select Virtual Datacenters > Organization VDCs and click the link for the virtual data center where you want to provision storage for a virtual machine.

vCloud Director opens in a new browser tab and displays the Administration tab.


Create a new vApp. See Complete the vApp Profile for information.

Alternatively, you can add a virtual machine to an existing vApp or create a vApp from a template. See Working with vApps for information.


Add a virtual machine to the vApp. See Add a Virtual Machine to a vApp for information.


Configure the storage policies for the virtual machine during the Configure Resource step of the New vApp wizard.

Configuring the Storage Policy for a Virtual Machine


Select the storage policy from the drop-down list.


If you selected an All-SSD policy, set the IOPS quota for the virtual machine.


Click Next.


Configure virtual machines. See Configure the Virtual Machines for information.


Configure networking for the virtual machine. See Configure Networks for information.

The vApp is added to the list of vApps for the virtual data center.

To add or modify storage for an existing virtual machine, see Modifying Virtual Machine Hard Disks for information.