You primarily access the Object Storage powered by Google Cloud Platform service via APIs. However, for debugging purposes, you may access the service using the Command Line Interface (CLI).

Install gsutil. If you have already installed Google Cloud SDK, then you already have gsutil installed.


Double-click in the Access ID field and copy the Access ID.


Copy the P12 certificate name from the location where it was downloaded.


Click the Service Information icon [] and copy the Project ID (name) displayed in the pop-up.


Run the following command to authenticate your service account:

gcloud auth activate-service-account [Access ID] --key-file KEY_FILE Certificate path/[P12_CERTIFICATE] --project [PROJECT_ID]


Alternately, you can run gsutil config -e to access the service using your Project ID, Access ID (serviceaccount email) and P12 certificate.


Once the account credentials are activated for your service account, it is ready to be used with Google Cloud Storage.