Object Storage powered by Google Cloud Platform is a powerful, simple and cost effective object storage service. You can store, retrieve and manage a large amount of unstructured data that can be accessed from anywhere globally via the Google Cloud Storage APIs.

The main features of the service are:

Scalability: Instance, ondemand storage capacity (petabytes)

Simple: API access to integrate your applications or leverage third-party applications

Resilient: Highly available within a datacenter and a region

Cost-effective: Pay-as-you-go service that only charges for the storage consumed

The vCloud Air Web UI is only used to create a service (or access) account and get API access to manage data. The service usage includes (but is not limited to):

Creation of several users and roles

Controlled access to projects, buckets and objects

You can use the service to expose data publicly or externally outside your organization, or privately for internal application storage.


Although Google Cloud Storage is not S3 compatible, Google provides a method to migrate applications from S3 to Google APIs.