The below list contains a collection of terms relevant to understanding the Object Storage powered by Google Cloud Platform service. These terms are included because they might be new to the reader, uncommon, or specialized.

Service Accounts:

Are special accounts that represent software rather than people. These are used to authenticate your application. Service accounts have a unique identifier that looks like a long email address, and is called an Access ID. Every project has a service account associated with it, which may be used for authentication and to enable advanced features such as Signed URLs and browser uploads using the POST call.


Is a logical entity used to group Google resources, including buckets, service accounts, and settings. Every Project has a unique ID assigned by VMware at its creation time. Each vCloud Air project can have multiple service accounts.


Are containers that hold your data. By default, all API users within a project can see all buckets including read and write access. Buckets can be created with reduced permissions. Every bucket has a globally-unique name and is associated with a particular geographic region as well as storage plan.


Is data that is stored within a bucket and can be accessed by users. By default, an object adopts the bucket's permissions. Objects can be created with reduced permissions via APIs.

P12 Certificate:

Is a credential, similar to a password, used by a service account to authenticate to Google Cloud Services. Like a password, this information must be kept secret.

High-level Diagram of Service Concepts
High-level Diagram of Service Concepts