The Project ID, Access ID (auto-generated serviceaccount email) and P12 certificate are used to identify and authenticate access to the service. Once you have signed-up for the service and received access, you can add accounts and download the P12 certificate.

Ensure you have signed up for a vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand account and the Object Stroage powered by Google Cloud Platform service has been activated for your account.


Login to your vCloud Air account.


Click the Object Storage Powered by Google tile, which provisions a Project (one project per Service ID).


The Resource Usage tab is displayed. As this is a first time log-in and no data has been uploaded, the values will be 0.

The usage statistics displayed under the Resource Usage tab depend on the storage plan you have selected and are updated once per 24-hour day once you start using the service.


Click the API Access tab, which provisions a Service Account (projectid).


Now, click the Service Information icon [] located in the upper-right corner below the Tools menu.

The Service Information contains the Project ID (name with which the project was created in Google Cloud Storage) and API URL. You will need this Project ID while creating buckets and uploading objects using gsutil in Google Cloud Storage.


Next, click Add in the upper-left corner of the UI to add an Access Account.


Although the Name and Description fields are optional, it is recommended you enter a relevant name (for example, department or project name) and a short description for the account, that'll help you remember how each one is used in your applications. You can add up to 64 accounts.


Click the Generate & Download button (this creates a service account in Google Cloud Storage).


You will be prompted to download the P12 Certificate for this particular service account and an Access ID will be displayed in the UI. Copy and save the P12 Certificate and Access ID in a safe place. You will need to use this information while accessing Google Cloud Storage using gsutil or gcloud.


You will get the option to download the P12 certificate only once as it can only be downloaded at the time of service account creation.

The P12 certificate gets created and downloaded automatically to the default download destination folder of your computer.

You should take immediate steps to make sure the P12 certificate is safe from disclosure from unauthorized parties, and safe from accidental deletion.

If your P12 certificate gets lost or deleted, you must create a new one, and reconfigure your application to use it.


By default, only one P12 certificate gets generated when a service account is created. However, you can add another P12 certificate to the same service account. Select the service account to which you want to add a new P12 certificate and click the Edit link.


Click Add a certificate (+). Click the Create & Download button to download a new P12 certificate.


You can add more Access Accounts by following steps 6 through 8. The new accounts will be listed below the first account.


To remove an account, select the account and click Delete. Then, click Yes to confirm. Once deleted you can no longer access that account in Google Cloud Storage. This action does not delete the P12 certificate that was downloaded for this account. You will need to manually delete the certificate.


The Certificate Fingerprint is used to identify the P12 certificate for a particular account. A part of the fingerprint string is included in the P12 certificate name.

Your access account (service account) setup is complete.

Using the combination of Access ID, and P12 certificate you can configure either the command-line tool (gcloud) or SDK to access Google Cloud Storage and create buckets, upload objects and so on.


If you are using your vCloud Air account, you do not need a Google email address to access Google Cloud Storage.